The story of Mitsubishi as a car manufacturer dates back to the beginning of the century. The first Mitsubishi vehicle to come out of the assembly line in 1917 was Model A, the first Japanese-produced mass-produced private car. Yataro, the creator, had christened the early company “Tsukumo” but the flags of his ships already sported the famous three-diamond emblem and in 1874, he adopted the name of Mitsubishi (three diamonds in Japanese) for the company. He created the now famous three-diamond logo by combining two images: the angular shape of the coat of arms of his own family and the trilobal coat of arms of the Tosa clan, his first employer. At that time, the vehicles are manufactured by the shipbuilding and aerospace industry of Mitsubishi. It’s here that Mitsubishi Motors plunges its roots in engineering excellence that earns its vehicles their reputation for flawless reliability and versatility. The abandonment of Model A in 1921 will not prevent Mitsubishi from continuing to explore the possibilities of transportation. In 1931, Mitsubishi launched the first Japanese diesel engine, the 450AD, and its first bus the following year. A few decades later, the launch of the PX33 in 1936 will make history: it is the first four-wheel drive vehicle in Japan, the ancestor of today’s Pajero, L200 and Outlander.

Mitsubishi means three diamonds in Japanese from where these three red stones arranged in a triangle in the logo. Specifically, Mitsubishi is a name consisting of two Kanji characters. The first character is pronounced “Mitsu” and is Japanese in number 3. The second is pronounced “hishi”. It refers to the water chestnut, but the meaning has turned into diamond in Japanese because of its diamond shape. Originating from Mitsubishi Mail Steamship Company, which was established in 1875, Mitsubishi is Japan’s oldest automobile firm. Mitsubishi means three diamonds in Japanese from where these three red stones arranged in a triangle in the logo. Specifically, Mitsubishi is a name consisting of two Kanji characters. The first character is pronounced “Mitsu” and is Japanese in number 3. The second is pronounced “hishi”. It refers to the water chestnut, but the meaning has turned into diamond in Japanese because of its diamond shape. Originating from Mitsubishi Mail Steamship Company, which was established in 1875, Mitsubishi is Japan’s oldest automobile firm.

Mitsubishi Lancer – World Renowned Compact Model from

General Introduction:

Mitsubishi Lancer was constructed by using Mitsubishi Motors as a compact model automobile way returned in 1973. Since then, in many editions, over six million Lancers had been bought. Mitsubishi Lancer additionally shaped the basic platform of numerous Proton fashions in Malaysia.

Some Important Variants:

Mitsubishi Lancer has been sold in various nations as the Soueast Lioncel, Hindustan Lancer, Mitsubishi Carisma, Colt Lancer, Dodge Colt, Chrysler Valiant Lancer, Chrysler Lancer, Plymouth Colt, Lancer GSR, Lancer Evolution, Lancer Ralliart, Eagle Summit, and Mitsubishi Mirage. Out of these models; Lancer GSR, Lancer Evolution, and Lancer Ralliart are the first-class performance models and paperwork terrific a part of the success story of Mitsubishi Lancer. Some other models that shape most important opposition to this compact model of Mitsubishi motors are Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Mazda Mazda3 and others.

First Generation Mitsubishi Lancers:

Mitsubishi Lancer was first launched in 1973 within the class of sub compact cars. At that point Mitsubishi had the Minica kei automobile and the compact Galant. Mitsubishi Lancer has helped Mitsubishi Motors filling in the gap among the ones two segments in a great way and at the suitable time. This has helped Mitsubishi Lancer advantage reputation many of the target clients proper from the primary day. This model first of all referred to as Chrysler Valiant Lancer and Dodge Colt. It has got 2-door coupe, four-door sedan and a 5-door station wagon. This era of fashions prolonged up to 1979

Second Generation Mitsubishi Lancers:

First technology Mitsubishi Lancers had been accompanied via stylish Lancer EX fashions in 1979. The EX collection included, from 1980, a turbocharged 1.8 L version. Stylistically, the boxy, angular appearance changed the “coke bottle” look of the preceding LAs and LBs. They got here with a frame style of four-door sedan. These models appearance much like Mitsubishi Mirage. Lancer Fiore turned into an extension of both Lancer EX version and Mitsubishi Mirage. The Fiore was frequently offered as a Lancer in global markets, however additionally the Mirage Sedan and, with the five-door hatchback model, remained in production for a great part of the 1980s. It changed into also bought in Australia under the name of Mitsubishi Colt Sedan. Hence Mitsubishi has were given two one-of-a-kind names in  distinct components of the world on the equal time for the identical version. This turned into termed as big strategic fulfillment for the control at that point.

Third Generation Mitsubishi Lancers:

In 1983, both Mirage and Lancer traces were renewed in a more moderen way. The Mitsubishi Mirage four-door and Mitsubishi Lancer sedan model have become the equal concept vehicle. Turbocharged and Fuel injected fashions were an implicit part of this particular range. To the ones fashions in 1985, a station wagon was also added. This model spawned a raised, four wheel force version. This helped Mitsubishi in a very massive way. Often, the Mitsubishi Mirage or Mitsubishi Colt will be the call used on the three-door hatchback, and the Mitsubishi Lancer call used at the the rest. This same version also fashioned the premise of the original Proton sedan, the Saga, Malaysia’s first car. Some of the variations of frame patterns in those fashions are three-door hatchback, four-door sedan, five-door hatchback, and five-door station wagon. This version has were given changed after 1987 inside the market.

Fourth Generation Mitsubishi Lancers:

In these fourth era models, extra emphasis was put on aero dynamics and other associated technological issues. Mitsubishi has invested quite plenty in R & D whilst designing those fourth era fashions. Inspired by using the shape of Gallant, a new model changed into launched in 1987. This turned into a more aerodynamic looking Mitsubishi Lancer. Another addition to this fourth era version turned into a 5-door hatchback. In Australia, all models have been sold because the Mitsubishi Lancer. By that time, the Lancer name become shared with the Dodge Lancer offered in North America. The sedan turned into sold as the Mirage Aspire in Japan.

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Performance Models:

Finally Mitsubishi Lancer has also were given in to the race for overall performance. It has were given it’s 3 performance variations as Lancer GSR, Lancer Evolution and Lancer Ralliart. Lancer GSR changed into the model of 1999’s. It has were given 1800cc turbocharged engine to distinguish itself from the Evolution. Lancer Ralliart is the current prevent hole among the standard Lancer range and the Evolution. However, Lancer Evolution is still the high overall performance version of Mitsubishi Lancer.

Mitsubishi Engine History

In 1917 a corporation known as Mitsubishi Shipbuilding co introduces the Model A. This become Japans very first series manufacturing vehicle. The Model A became a very hand built seven seat automobile. When as compared to its competitors (the mass produced services from America and Europe) it turned into taken into consideration too highly-priced and production become discontinued in 1921. In that point frame best 21 had been built. In 1934 Mitsubishi Aircraft Co merged with Mitsubishi Shipbuilding and shaped the Company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. While Mitsubishi Heavy Industries focused most of their efforts to the manufacturing if ships, plane and railroad motors, they nevertheless managed to broaden a prototype car referred to as the PX33 in 1937. This will be the very first Japanese produced passenger car with complete time four wheel drive. The venture become cancelled as the authorities at that time determined to prioritise the development of commercial trucks and busses rather. Directly after the Second World War Mitsubishi started out production motors once more. Producing busses and developing different cars for the market. In 1950 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries changed into cut up aside into three companies, they have become East Japan Heavy Industries, Central Japan Heavy Industries and West Japan Heavy Industries. Part of the strategy for Mitsubishi changed into to shape alliances with other already well installed overseas vehicle groups. As a direct end result of their interest, in 1971, Mitsubishi bought US based totally automobile producer Chrysler a fifteen percent proportion inside the organization. This allowed Chrysler to rebadge Mitsubishi Galants and marketplace them in the States as Dodge Colts. This proved fruitful to each Chrysler and Mitsubishi as annual manufacturing was driven past 250,000 automobiles yearly. Then in 1982 the Mitsubishi logo itself become introduced to the Americal market for the first time. This advent first involved 70 sellers in 22 states. Near the stop of the 1980’s Mitsubishi aired its first advertisements and by way of 1989 worldwide production grew to 1.5 million vehicles.

From the 1990’s until the existing time Mitsubishi has invested plenty time in improvement and trying out to come to be a international dominating force within the automobile industry. The emblem call Mitsubishi appeals to a big selection of different markets. The light truck or 4×4 market access of the Pajero is a protracted status model that has its own devoted fans. The release of the Evolution line of motors which derived from the base Lancer version has seen an impossible increase in sales due to easy popular culture. Films consisting of the short and the furious made human beings take notice that Mitsubishi changed into not most effective to be idea of as a circle of relatives automobile, but can also be ready and outfitted with overall performance gear to enchantment to a bigger marketplace. Current Evolution models have been examined on shows consisting of Top equipment and ruled many categories. The first digit in this series designates what number of cylinders the engine has, for instance: a 2 would mean it became a two cylinder, a three could suggest it turned into a directly three cylinder, a 4 might make it an inline 4 cylinder, a 6 denotes a V6 configuration and an 8 identifies the engine as a v8. The 1/3 digit used to indicate the engine own family the line derived from, as an example the four cylinder engine families had been denoted as follows: 4G1 became the Orion engine own family, 4G3 was the Saturn engine own family, 4G4 become the Neptune engine own family, 4G5 became the Astron engine own family and the 4G6 changed into from the Sirius engine own family. The fourth of those digits denotes the precise engine version within its own family. It isn’t unusual to see both a T or a B following the initial 4 digits. The T could denote the engine as being a turbo charged version and the B would denote the engine as being the second one version of an engine.

Through the years Mitsubishi has used many specific engine configurations, from one cylinder all of the manner up to eight cylinder configurations. The Two cylinder configurations have been typically observed in the 1960’s. They protected the likes of the 2G1 which changed into first introduced in first generation Minicas in 1968. This was steadily changed with the aid of the ME24 air cooled engine. That was then changed by way of the 2G10. The NE19A changed into an air cooled 493cc overhead valve engine first delivered in the Mitsubishi 500. That became the first passenger car constructed by means of Mitsubishi after international warfare . NE35A become a 594cc available in the Mitsubishi 500 and Mitsubishi Colt six hundred. The 2G2 Vulcan engine which become a 4 stroke overhead cam which was the predecessor to the 2G1. The 3 cylinder engines produced with the aid of Mitsubishi are especially designed for Japanese market Kei vehicles. The engines consist of codes inclusive of the 3A9 used within the 2005 Colt, the 3B2 used inside the 3002 Mitsubishi I, and the 3G8 which become the primary production engine to feature five valves in step with cylinder.

The 4 cylinder engines produced via Mitsubishi fell into twelve exclusive families. The 4A3 which become designed for Japanese Kei cars in 1994, the 4A9 which was added within the 2003 colt, the 4B1 which became evolved alongside Daimler Chrysler and Hyundai and featured an aluminum engine block and Move variable valve timing, the 4DR which became produced as a faster diesel engine, the 4G1 known as the Orion engine own family, the 4G3 called the Saturn engine own family, the 4G4 referred to as the Neptune engine own family, the 4G5 called the Astron engine circle of relatives, the 4G6 referred to as the Sirius engine circle of relatives, the 4G9 which offered the primary GDI or fuel direct injection system, the 4M4 which was Mitsubishi substitute for the above stated Astron diesel engines, the 4N1 that’s a clean burn diesel introduced in 2009 and the KE4 which become a overhead valve immediately four used in past due 60’s colts. The six cylinder engines produced via Mitsubishi were targeted into three one-of-a-kind engine households. The 6A1 become available inside the 1992 Mitsubishi Mirage, the 6B3 family turned into brought inside the 2007 Out lander, the 6G7 which became first visible in 1986 and has come to be a staple inside the corporation seeing use in lots of extraordinary fashions, the KE64 which is a straight six engine derived from the KE4 design and the Saturn 6 engine which become to be had inside the Mitsubishi Debonair within the 1970’s.